About Licton Springs

Licton Springs or North Green Lake is a small neighborhood located between Aurora Ave N and I5 North in the area they most closely converge within North Seattle:

Licton Springs Bounderies

The Proximity to the 2 most major North/South routes in Seattle as well as quick access to the E Line, Northgate Transit Center, and future light rail combine to make Licton Springs one of the most well connected neighborhoods in Seattle with Downtown Seattle almost always < 15 minutes away. The small size of the neighborhood means from the center you can walk to the East or West edge in 7 minutes or the North or South in 10, making those who live in Licton Springs feel connected to not only Licton Springs but the surrounding neighborhoods. Due to this, this blog covers everything in a 1 mile radius (a 15-20 Minute Walk) from the center of Licton Springs

Licton Springs Bounderies

In addition to Licton Springs, within this 1 mile radius are: the Green Lake Park and northern Green Lake shops, Greenwood's Greenwood Ave N strip, Maple Leaf's 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE strips, and the Northgate Mall.

~The Crosleys