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Local Licton Pet Highlight - A Famous Licton Springs Resident

An anonymous reader of LoveLicton let us know about a celebrity living right here in Licton Springs:

The “tuxedo” cat, Henry, known by his stage name, Henri, Le Chat Noir, is a resident of our neighborhood, though he lives in quiet obscurity, not troubled by his You-Tube fame. He plays the role of a depressed, French cat in a series of videos that have garnered millions of viewers. Henry has over 170,000 Facebook followers and has been featured on Animal Planet and in People magazine. Henry also has two books out on his philosophy and a Wikipedia page. But no French Riviera for this feline! “I love Licton”, says Henry, “it’s the best place in the world for a spoiled, handsome cat.”

Henri Waits for Food

Want to see more Henri, Le Chat Noir?

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Outlines Provide Sneak Peak of Street Improvements

A friend of the blog dropped a hint letting us know that a new traffic circle has been outlined for N 97th and Wallingford Ave N, which SDOT plans on having completed this summer! The circle will be a very welcome addition to the area, as, despite lots of warning signs and kids, sees more than its fair share of speeding.

Warning Signs Slow Down Man Location of new Circle

This new circle will complement the existing one at N 95th, hopefully reducing speed driving up Wallingford.

95th Circle

On my walk up to N 97th, I also noticed initials outlines for a continuation of the N 92nd bike path by the new School.

92nd Bike Path Looking East 92nd Bike Path Looking West

You can find out about some more street improvements scheduled to be completed this year on SDOT's Greenway & School Safety Project Website.

Enjoy this great weather! And hopefully, as the season progresses, we will all be able to enjoy some safer streets!


Big Tesla: where nature and technology meet

Right to the northwest of Licton Springs park at the Seattle City Light North Service Center lies a beautiful art piece by Merrily Tompkins. The art not only serves as a sign of nicer weather, as flowers bloom from Tesla's head but also serves as a great reminder that technology and nature can coexist in harmony. In a way, it's the perfect Seattle art piece, a city nestled in some of the most profoundly beautiful natural environments while leading the way in our technological future.

Close Up Close Up

For more information about this work:

Next time you walk from Licton Springs Park to the Oak Tree Plaza, take some time to enjoy this unique and creative piece of art.


Mineral Springs Park Community Meeting

UPDATE: The meeting was originally set to start at 7 PM but was then changed to a 6 PM start time by Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Join other members of the community on May 1st, 6:00PM-8:30PM, to help shape the future of Mineral Springs park! The meeting will be open to the general public, so whether you live near the park or frequent it for disk golf, this is an important meeting to attend.

Mineral Springs Park

The meeting will be held at Meridian Health Clinic, room 110, 10521 Meridian Ave N, Seattle, which is right next to the park: Meridian Health Clinic

Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event 2018 May Meeting


El Patio replaces Tropicos Breeze

Serving up delicious Latin Cuisine right on Aurora Avenue, Tropicos Breeze has long been one of Licton Spring's most beloved restaurants. So, when I was told the Licton Springs location had closed, I feared the worse.

El Patio Entrance

Rushing to the restaurant after work, I was greeted not by Tropicos Breeze, but by El Patio. What a quick transformation! Entering El Patio, I saw familiar faces and after talking to the staff learned what had taken place. The Licton Spring's Tropicos Breeze location was sold to the owner's cousin. The new restaurant, I was told, retains the same staff and great quality food we have come to love.

El Patio Patio

I ordered Pollo en Crema and Horchata - two of my favorite standbys from the old Tropicos Breeze. You know, just to make sure I was told the truth... And I can happily confirm: the food here is as tasty as ever!

El Patio Patio El Patio Patio

Whether you're a long time fan of the old Tropicos Breeze or just looking for some good Latin Cuisine, I encourage you to welcome El Patio to the neighborhood!