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Downtown Northgate and our bridge to it continues to take shape

For many years Northgate enjoyed the convenience of having both of the big name wine and beer outlets right next to each other. Being able to easily walk between BevMo! and Total Wine in the same trip was a magical thing for anyone who anxiously awaited limited availability beer, wine, or spirit releases. Of course, one-day several months ago, this duo came to an end, leaving only Total Wine - which sits at the bottom of an apartment complex, left in-tact.

A friend of the blog recently reached out to us, with an unsurprising explanation for that closure: BevMo!, which was nestled into an old-fashioned shopping strip, needed to close to make way for the expansion of Downtown Northgate. In the place of the old shopping plaza, plans are in place to build a 235 unit apartment building with retail at the bottom, continuing the trend happening around the old plaza:

Old BevMo! Location Construction Around the Building Alleyway showing grouping of mid-rises

If you would like to give your input into the design of this new apartment building, there is an upcoming opportunity to contribute to the early design guidance August 6, 2018 6:30 pm

Meanwhile, the redevelopment of the mall into the focal point of this new downtown area continues being planned, with the first two opportunities for community input coming tentatively next month:

The transit-oriented development, temporarily paused, has come back in full swing with a new RFP based on free land from King County and an upzone to allow up to 24 story buildings promised by the end of this month.

And finally, concerns over future of the Northgate Pedestrian bridge which will connect Licton Springs directly to both the developing Light Rail and Downtown Northgate, have been alleviated after the Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees conditionally agreed to give an easement to the new bridge. The latest plans for which, will have the new bridge/path only a ~5 minute walk away from Oak Tree Plaza).

New Bridge

No matter how you feel about the developments overall, hopefully, this all will lead to a North Seattle that feels more connected both to Downtown Seattle and to the neighborhoods contained within.


Upcoming Events in Mineral Springs Park

Do you want to get involved in the Licton Springs community? Over the next 2 weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to meet your neighbors while having fun and improving the Mineral Springs Park!

July 12th: Meeting to Improve Disc Golf Course

  • Time: 6-7pm
  • Location: Meridian Center for Health (10521 Meridian Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133)
  • Sponsor: Randy Wiger, Seattle Parks & Recreation.

Disc Golf Course Improvement Meeting If you're a disc golfer make sure to put this meeting on your calendar! Here you can provide feedback to the city on what repairs or improvements should be made to the Mineral Springs Disc Golf course.

July 17th: Learn To Disc Golf

Learn to Disc Golf! Do you want to learn to disc golf? Come join us for a beginner's disc golf game at Mineral Springs Park with help from members of the local disc golf community. At this event, you will not only learn how to play alongside other beginners but will also be able to receive valuable tips from some more veteran disc golf players. All are welcome to this free event!

July 19th: Mineral Springs Park Clean Up

  • Time: 5-7pm
  • Location: Mineral Springs Park (1500 N 105th St, Seattle, WA 98133)
  • Sponsor: Randy Wiger, Seattle Parks & Recreation

Mineral Springs Park Clean Up Come join your neighbors at a Parks department-supported clean up event. Refreshments and tools will be provided.

July 21st: Mineral Springs Park Community BBQ

Mineral Springs BBQ! Come meet your neighbors for a free BBQ at Mineral Springs Park! More details to be provided closer to the event but a little birdie told us that there will be music, hot dogs, and lawn games.


Teriyaki Taste Test!

In Seattle, we all LOVE good Teriyaki. Licton Springs is no exception, and we are lucky to have at least 4 Teriyaki places within our < 1 square mile neighborhood. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which one to try out. So, we decided to make the only logical decision and try all 4!

The methodology

For this taste test we decided to go with the plain Teriyaki Chicken dish from all 4 locations. We took turns with a blindfold on while the other randomly gave us a taste of one of the Teriyaki dishes and asked for a score from 1-5. We didn't include cost in our calculation since all 4 Teriyaki places had their Teriyaki priced within a few dimes of each other in the $8 range. NOTE: Many of them also have lunch specials for around $7.

The contenders

The spread

  1. Manna Deli Teriyaki Manna Deli Teriyaki Store Front

    Conveniently located on Aurora and with very friendly service, this Teriyaki place currently enjoys the highest rating of the 3 Teriyaki only restaurants on Yelp, but unfortunately had the lowest health rating at the time we went.

    • Address: 9831 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
    • Hours: 11AM-9PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday
    • Current Health Rating: Okay
  2. Oak Tree Teriyaki Oak Tree Teriyaki Store Front

    Located in the Oak Tree Plaza, right near the recently remodeled AMC (easily one of the comfiest theaters in Seattle now), this has long been my favorite Teriyaki place. The owner is super friendly, they have these excellent house fries, and they have hours that work pretty well for eating before or after movies. However, I always get the Spicy Teriyaki here, so I'm curious to see how the regular Teriyaki fares.

    • Address: 10002 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133
    • Hours: 11AM-9PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday
    • Current Health Rating: Good
  3. Teriyaki Plus Teriyaki Plus Store Front

    The only Teriyaki place of the 4 that neither of us had been to before, so we are both stoked to try it out for the first time.

    • Address: 2100 N Northgate Way b, Seattle, WA 98133
    • Hours: 11AM-9PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday
    • Current Health Rating: Excellent
  4. Cafe Banh Mi Cafe Banh Mi Sign

    Tucked away in a business complex on Meridian Ave, Cafe Banh Mi is the only place we tried that isn't marketed as a Teriyaki restaurant. It does, however, happen to have Teriyaki permanently on the menu. We discovered this when traveling back to Seattle on an early morning flight. We missed Seattle Teriyaki so much on our vacation - that we craved it upon returning. Cafe Banh Mi was the only place that served Teriyaki we could find that was also open at 8 AM. However, their matching early close time and non-existent weekend hours mean we don't get to enjoy this place nearly as often as we'd like to.

    • Address: 10700 Meridian Ave N #106, Seattle, WA 98133
    • Hours: 7AM-5PM Monday-Friday, Closed Saturday & Sunday
    • Current Health Rating: Excellent

The ratings

  1. Cafe Banh Mi Cafe Banh Mi's Teriyaki

    With a generous coating of Teriyaki glaze covering perfectly moist chicken, Cafe Banh Mi easily took the #1 spot.

    • Amanda: 4.5 - "Delicious. I want more."
    • Tim: 4.5 - "By far the best."
  2. Oak Tree Teriyaki Oak Tree's Teriyaki Oak Tree's distinctive crunch helped pull it into #2 place. And then there are those glorious house fries...

    • Amanda: 3.75
    • Tim 4.0 - "Has a really nice crunch to it."

    Oak Tree's Fries Bonus (House Fries):

    • Amanda: 5.0 - "This isn't what we are taste testing, but these are delicious."
    • Tim: 10 - "That's right, these are off the scale. It's a good thing these aren't included in the actual rating."
  3. Manna Deli Teriyaki Manna Deli Teriyaki

    • Amanda: 3.5 - "Has a nice flavor to it, but I want a bit more."
    • Tim 3.25
  4. Teriyaki Plus Teriyaki Plus Some more teriyaki sauce may have made all the difference for this one.

    • Amanda: 3.25 - "Too Dry."
    • Tim 3.0 - "Too Dry!"

Disagree with our ratings? Let us know why in the comments! Either way, go eat some delicious Teriyaki in Licton Springs!


The Original Seattle Real Estate Gold Rush

A friend of the blog lent us a historical pamphlet from when Licton Springs was first being developed that I thought was too cool not to share.

Banner Cover 24 Reasons Park Gardens New Water System Close In City of Homes Auto

While many things have changed since this pamphlet initially went out, we still firmly believe that Licton Springs is a great neighborhood to join and be a part of. Additionally, we still have Licton Springs Park and Licton Springs Garden (reborn as a P-Patch): as seen on our Map of the Neighborhood.

Let's keep investing in the future of Licton Springs!


New Licton Springs Community Council website

Website Partnership

For the last month work has been going on behind the scenes to refresh the Licton Springs Community Council Website, and I'm excited to say this new site is ready to be unveiled! You can now visit the brand new website at

The community council has been the force behind improving Licton Springs and giving everyone in the community a voice for more than two decades. This new website is part of a broader push to introduce the council to a whole new generation so that their great work can include a broader audience and have even more impact.

We have also added in our menu a permanent link directly to the community council and from the community council's website a permanent link to the blog. As part of this partnership will continue to be the place to go to get a pulse on the community and read about the positive changes going on and will be the place to join your neighbors and make more of those positive changes happen.

As a reminder: the Licton Springs Community Council will have a booth at the Live in D5! event that is happening today 1-4PM at Hubbart Homestead Park. It's a great opportunity to get introduced to the council as well as many other nearby community groups - while enjoying:

  • 3 local bands
  • Free salmon and fry bread sponsored by the United Indians of All Tribes
  • A baby goat petting zoo