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Make your mark on the Aurora Bridge Art Project

If you are as excited about the ongoing art project on the Aurora Pedestrian Bridge as we are, you will be thrilled to hear there is now an opportunity to meet neighbors and help enhance the project! This coming weekend (Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th), neighbors will be meeting 10:00am-4:00pm to prepare the soil and then plant over 3 thousand daffodil bulbs.


The project will be completed in two steps, first preparing the soil on Saturday and then planting on Sunday:

Wear heavy gloves and yard shoes. Bring your own planting tools: shovels, trowels, hand clippers (for cutting ivy roots). Rain gear if it is wet!

You can find out more on ALUV's website, who first alerted us to this community project.

Hope to see you there!


Changes coming soon to Northgate Transit Center

Well ahead of the light rail opening, many changes are coming to Northgate Transit Center, some over the next few weeks, and others early next year.

Back in September, we saw our first positive change as the 41 bus received more frequent service. However, as Seattle prepares for the period of maximum constraint early next year, you can expect even more changes to come to our transit station.

The first major change coming is the opening of the new parking garage to the north of the station, coinciding with the close of the 2 west side lots:

New Parking Setup

The new parking garage will contain 450 parking spots, more than making up for the closed lots, but some of the new spots will be reserved for paying customers. More information about the parking changes can be found on Sound Transit's overview. These changes will take effect Monday, November 19th.

Then, come March of next year, big changes are planned for our fastest connection to Bellevue - the 555. The route will be updated to bypass Montlake and operate only between Northgate and Bellevue, no longer serving Eastgate or Issaquah. This should result in much quicker and dependable transit times for those commuting between Licton Springs and Downtown Bellevue.

Finally, with land usage signs now visible around the North Seattle College's Campus, construction on the pedestrian bridge from Licton Springs to the transit center has passed its biggest hurdles and is set to begin construction next year.

Here's to hoping all the transit changes lead to a quicker more dependable commute!


Coffee is back in Licton Springs!

We've just been given news we couldn't be happier to report:

Pilgrim Coffee is coming to Oak Tree plaza!


Starting tomorrow Pilgrim Coffee will be operating at 10002 Aurora Ave N Monday - Wednesday 7-10 AM, and we've heard rumors that if demand is high enough they may expand their hours next month.

It's been a little less than two months since Starbucks left Licton Spring's urban village, leaving the area without any coffee options. Tomorrow that all changes. While many would have been content with almost any Coffee Shop setting up at the location, we couldn't be more ecstatic that our favorite Coffee Truck is setting up right in front of the old Starbucks. We've been a fan of Pilgrim Coffee for a while, as they've roasted some great coffee right here in the neighborhood:


It also doesn't hurt that the opening happens at the perfect time for holiday-inspired drinks:

Holiday Drink Specials

We hope you will join us drinking some great local coffee!


Leaves are Falling & Autumn is Here: November Community Events

Correction (11/5/18): The ALUV meeting has been cancelled this month due to scheduling conflicts.

We hope everyone had fun at the Licton Springs Park Halloween Walk yesterday! There were over 300 trick-or-treaters and lots of great costumes!!

Hundreds come out for Halloween event

I am certainly thankful for all of the great upcoming community events happening this month. Check them out below!

LoveLicton Sponsored Events:

  • Saturday, November 24th, @ 12PM-2PM, Board Games and Coffee, Neighborcare Health at Meridian 10521 Meridian Ave N

Board Game Event

Take a quick break from the holidays, meet your neighbors, and join us for free board games, party games, and snacks at Meridian Health room 110. All are welcome.

North Seattle Tech Talks In Practice

"In Practice" meetups provide an opportunity to contribute to Open Source Projects. For new contributors, there will be seasoned contributors and projects maintainers available during the Meetup to help direct you through the process. All contributions, from code to graphic design and documentation are welcome. If you've always wanted to get involved in Open Source or work on projects with other developers in the community this is a great way to start!

Social & Networking Events:

  • Sunday, November 4th, @ 11AM-3PM, Danish Holiday Bazaar, Northwest Danish Association 1833 N 105th St #101

Holiday Bazaar

Eat delicious smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwiches) and do your holiday shopping!

The Bazaar offers unique gifts, homemade Danish Christmas crafts, Christmas items from Denmark, Danish Christmas cookies, cake, and much more. Unique Danish julekurve (Christmas baskets) are raffled off to lucky winners! Open to the public.

  • Saturday, November 10th, @ 9AM-5PM, Better Book Sale, North Seattle College 9600 College Way N.

Book Sale

Don't miss Friends of The Seattle Public Library one-day "better" book sale! This sale features hundreds of "like-new," gift quality books of all genres starting at $3! The sale will be held in the OLD Cafeteria on the 1st Floor of the College Center Building located in the SE corner of the North Seattle Campus.

  • Friday, November 16, 2018, @ 6PM-9PM, International Night, North Seattle College, Room CC1456

International Night

International Night is the biggest party of the year! International Night promotes understanding of other cultures through food, music, dance and celebration! Come for the free food, stay for the talent show! Performers are from all over the world! Free and open to everyone!

Are you IN?

Community Engagement Events:

Design Review Early Design Guidance for a Major Phased Development for eleven buildings with, retail sales and service, office, sports and recreation and hotel. Parking for 1100 vehicles proposed. Some existing structures to be demolished.

The North Precinct Advisory Council is a community organization devoted to promoting partnership between residents, schools, businesses, and the Seattle Police Department to effectively address public safety issues.

  • CANCELLED due to scheduling conflicts Thursday, November 8th @ 7PM, ALUV Monthly Meeting, Epic Life Church 10510 Stone Ave N

ALUV stands for Aurora Licton Urban Village and seeks to build a pedestrian-safe, visually vibrant, economically sound, livable, and welcoming urban village using sustainable-growth principles.

Join FRIENDS OF LICTON SPRINGS for our monthly work parties

Discuss Mineral Springs Park events, work parties, and community engagement.

Join Licton Springs Community Council for our monthly meeting.

Help prepare the soil for the planting of 3700 bulbs as part of the art installation at the N. 102nd Street Pedestrian Overpass.

Help plant 3700 daffodil bulbs as part of the art installation at the N. 102nd Street Pedestrian Overpass.

To stay up to date on other activities coming up, check out LoveLicton's calendar. Hope to see you at an upcoming event!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!


North Seattle Precinct set to expand Licton Springs footprint

Where College Way N and Meridian Ave N meet in Licton Springs there is a small police station. That station is responsible for serving all of North Seattle. From Ballard to UDistrict, Fremont to Haller Lake, all of them are served by the North Precinct. This easily makes it the station that serves both the largest land area and population.

Naturally, this has led for many calls to split the precinct, or most recently, replace it with a new much larger location (on Aurora). However, thus far, there hasn't been political alignment to turn these calls into reality. The most recent of which was stopped by a counter campaign to "Block the Bunker", primarily driven from those who live in areas that aren't in the area served by the precinct they wish to block.

Now, if you walk by the precinct, you will be greeted by many land use signs. The North Precinct plans to increase its footprint at its current location.

North Precinct Expansion

Where grass and greenery used to be, the precinct plans to pave additional parking and add portables. The plan isn't meant to be a permanent solution, but the hope is it will enable the precinct to keep up with the next 5-7 years of growth. And while there is concern by many over the loss of greenspace as illustrated in the public comments (record # 3031508-LU), with no other agreed on options, combined with an increasing call for greater public safety and police presence, it seems increasingly likely that we will see the start of an expanded precinct in Licton Springs come this time next year.