Home Zone Pilot

The southeastern corner of Licton Springs has been chosen by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for a Home Zone pilot! Home Zones represent an innovative and inexpensive approach to increasing walkability, safety, and the sense of community in neighborhoods that lack full sidewalk coverage. This area was chosen, in particular, because it represents a small well defined area in which to prove out the concept.

This pilot is meant to:

  1. Make it safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk in our neighborhood
  2. Reduce cut through traffic and speeding by keeping this traffic on the arterials (not increasing traffic on other neighborhood streets), while allowing neighbors to get to their homes, emergency access, deliveries, etc.
  3. Enhance the quality of life for neighbors and strengthen our community (one way to do this is by integrating community art).

The pilot covers, and is looking for input from, the area north of 85TH, south of 92ND, west of I5 and east of Wallingford Ave. N. Below is a map of the area, as well as some of the ideas that have been proposed for the pilot:

The following have been presented so far as ways to achieve this vision:

  1. Traffic calming and reduction measures on Meridian Ave N (Consisting of Do Not Enter, Local Access Only Signs, Stop Signs, and planters) Traffic Calming After discussion with community there appears to be a strong consensus that any traffic calming measures on Meridian should be evenly applied to Corliss and be focused on reducing speed of traffic rather than blocking traffic.
  2. A wayfinding and walking distance sign (current recommendation at N 92nd and Wallingford Ave N). Wayfinding Sign (View full set of possible points of interest to include here.)
  3. A combination cross walk / speed bump at 90th and Burke Ave N, to decrease speed coming down the hill
  4. A Local Access Only sign at Corliss Ave N
  5. Public Street/Intersection art (Location TBD, one possibility is N 88th and Burke Ave N) The first promising location chosen was 90th and Burke Ave N

Look here for a catalog of some other Home Zone ideas that could be applied to the neighborhood

Have other ideas? Willing to volunteer? Want to provide feedback on the home zone concept?

Fill out the survey here or email us at [email protected]. We could use help knocking on doors, tabling, design, art, DIY projects and more! If you have a specific way you want to get involved let us know!

Can I donate to the effort?

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways which is a local nonprofit working to make every neighborhood a great place to walk, bike, and live, is currently supporting this project with staff time and resources. You can donate to help make this a reality at seattlegreenways.org. Or contact [email protected] for more information.