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Changes coming soon to Northgate Transit Center

Well ahead of the light rail opening, many changes are coming to Northgate Transit Center, some over the next few weeks, and others early next year.

Back in September, we saw our first positive change as the 41 bus received more frequent service. However, as Seattle prepares for the period of maximum constraint early next year, you can expect even more changes to come to our transit station.

The first major change coming is the opening of the new parking garage to the north of the station, coinciding with the close of the 2 west side lots:

New Parking Setup

The new parking garage will contain 450 parking spots, more than making up for the closed lots, but some of the new spots will be reserved for paying customers. More information about the parking changes can be found on Sound Transit's overview. These changes will take effect Monday, November 19th.

Then, come March of next year, big changes are planned for our fastest connection to Bellevue - the 555. The route will be updated to bypass Montlake and operate only between Northgate and Bellevue, no longer serving Eastgate or Issaquah. This should result in much quicker and dependable transit times for those commuting between Licton Springs and Downtown Bellevue.

Finally, with land usage signs now visible around the North Seattle College's Campus, construction on the pedestrian bridge from Licton Springs to the transit center has passed its biggest hurdles and is set to begin construction next year.

Here's to hoping all the transit changes lead to a quicker more dependable commute!


North Seattle Greenway Construction

A friend of the blog wrote in to let us know the construction of the North Seattle Neighborhood Greenway project down 100th Ave N is set to begin as soon as tomorrow. The project aims to connect Crown Hill, Greenwood, and Licton Springs both to each other and to the upcoming pedestrian bridge that will provide direct access to the Northgate light rail station. While the entire project, which will stretch around 2 miles, is a welcome addition - of particular interest to those in the Licton Springs area are a new sidewalk from Linden Ave N to Aurora Ave N and sidewalk improvements being made between Aurora Ave N and Stone Ave N.

Linden currently without sidewalk Linden sidewalk area 100th in Licton Springs

When the work is complete, the hope is that it will be possible to safely walk or ride a bicycle all the way from Crown Hill to the new light rail station, with sidewalk at a minimum from Linden Ave N eastward. You can find more information about the project on SDOT's overview page. The project should take around 6 months to complete with individual neighbors being directly contacted as construction work that impacts them is underway.

Meanwhile, the traffic circle on Wallingford Ave N and N 97th we wrote about earlier this year has now been completed and is just awaiting greenery.

Wallingford Ave N Circle

We look forward to a safer and more walkable North Seattle!