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Your Voice, Your Choice 2018: Licton Springs Park

It's time to VOTE for your favorite park and street improvements!

Voting for the 2018 Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Streets is now live and a proposal for improvements at Licton Springs Park (project 18-5001) is listed as one of the options for District 5!

As part of the proposal, Seattle Parks and Recreation will repair the trails and bridges to make it easier for all people to move through Licton Springs Park and enjoy that natural area that is so close to where an increasing number of people are moving.

Read more details about the proposed Licton Springs Park project here.

To vote using your cell phone for confirmation, please register here

Or, you can go to one of the following places to cast your vote:

  • Northgate Branch Library- 10548 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

  • Broadview Branch Library- 12755 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

  • Lake City Community Center (closed July 1-7)- 12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

  • Central Library- 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Each voter may cast one ballot per City Council district, and may choose up to three (3) projects per district. Voting is open until July 16th.

You can find more information about Your Voice, Your Choice here.


Come Learn how to Disc Golf!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to disc golf or just disc golf alongside some other beginners and make friends? This next Tuesday (the 19th, a week and some change from now) at 6:30 PM we will be holding our first beginner's disc golf game, with help from members of the local disc golf community. At this event, you will not only be able to learn how to play alongside other beginners but will also be able to receive valuable tips from some more veteran disc golf players.

Course Map

This event will be held at Mineral Springs park, located on the north end of Licton Springs. This course takes the honor of being the original and only Disc Golf course in Seattle proper. Being a city course it also has a more compact intricate design making it uniquely well suited to learning disc golf technique.

Steps Hole 4 Map Hole 4 Hole 6

Having never Disc Golfed ourselves, my wife and I went by the course this morning to get some sense of the game. In the course, we were struck by not only the beauty and tranquillity of a course nestled in the city but also by the friendliness of disc golfers. We ran into Mary and Tony who took us through both some of the basics of Disc Golf and the unique traits of this course.

Mary and Tony

There are poles throughout the course used to hold up netting that separates pathways and different sections of the course. They told us that every time your disc hits one of those poles and makes a little ringing sound, it's called North Park Love.

North park love

Hope to enjoy the summer weather, learn how to Disc Golf, and ring in some North Park Love with some of you there!

Event Details

Facebook Event:
Event start time: Tuesday 6/19/2018 6:30 PM

UPDATE We've made this a recurring event, the third Tuesday of every month. The next scheduled beginners game is:

Facebook Event:
Event start time: Tuesday 7/17/2018 6:30 PM
Location: 1500 N 105th St, Seattle, WA 98133
Meet at the benches by the south entrance to the park Meetup Point


Opinion: The time is now to keep momentum going and rezone Aurora

As part of the upcoming HALA legislation we have the unprecedented opportunity to reshape Aurora Avenue into the hub of a vibrant walkable community. Regardless what your thoughts are on the overall legislation, I encourage you to let our council members know what we as a community want from Aurora. For me that means more gems like the wonderful neighborhood shops that fill Oak Tree Plaza and fewer storage facilities. Either way, as the final public hearing happens tomorrow (June 5th) this may be your last opportunity to let the council know how you feel.

From our friends at ALUV:

Dear ALUV Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for continued interest in bringing positive change to the Aurora Ave Corridor, specifically from N. 84th to N. 110th. As we continue our efforts to increase public safety via “eyes on the street” our biggest obstacle is the commercial zoning designation. This zoning has recently allowed for two public storage facilities to be built that provide no housing or walkable amenities to our Residential Urban Village as designated by the city in 1999.

Please email your support for the proposed zoning changes from Commercial (C) to Neighborhood Commercial (NC) to the Seattle City Council [email protected] prior to JUNE 5th.

-> Click here for the email template from ALUV.


Aurora is getting cleaned up.

The next time you walk or ride up Aurora you may notice it's cleaner than usual. In more ways than one, positive changes are starting to take hold on this historical Seattle Avenue. The city's proactive litter abatement pilot program has added Licton Spring's stretch of Aurora to its 2x weekly cleanup. This brave crew cleans up everything from coffee cups to used syringes, hopefully helping to encourage a sustainably clean street over time.

At the same time, SPD and Licton Spring's own North Precinct have been hard at work to bust a local pawn shop that incentivised theft within North Seattle. Along with the closure of the business, this had the side effect of finally permanently removing an Aurora fixture that we will all be happy to see go:

Aurora Lady Statue

(See more on the spdblotter)

Finally, Aurora is going to be repaved and sidewalk ramps made ADA compliant over the next year. Which, while sure to be an inconvenience during construction and lacking the sidewalk improvements Aurora desperately needs, will hopefully be worth it upon completion as it plays a part in increasing road safety and accessibility.

While more work is needed along this historic stretch of Seattle, it's encouraging that we are starting to see progress toward an Aurora that we can all take pride in.

Historic 99


Local Licton Pet Highlight - A Famous Licton Springs Resident

An anonymous reader of LoveLicton let us know about a celebrity living right here in Licton Springs:

The “tuxedo” cat, Henry, known by his stage name, Henri, Le Chat Noir, is a resident of our neighborhood, though he lives in quiet obscurity, not troubled by his You-Tube fame. He plays the role of a depressed, French cat in a series of videos that have garnered millions of viewers. Henry has over 170,000 Facebook followers and has been featured on Animal Planet and in People magazine. Henry also has two books out on his philosophy and a Wikipedia page. But no French Riviera for this feline! “I love Licton”, says Henry, “it’s the best place in the world for a spoiled, handsome cat.”

Henri Waits for Food

Want to see more Henri, Le Chat Noir?

Have your own uniquely awesome pet or something you want to share with your neighbors?

Let us know! We would love to feature your pet or story on our blog. Add a comment on this blog post or contact us directly.