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Vibrant Art Coming Soon to Aurora Ave N Pedestrian Bridge

The Aurora Ave N corridor is about to see some welcome color and vibrancy on its pedestrian bridge at N 102nd St. Crews will be focused on cleaning and painting the pedestrian bridge through the next three weeks. The pedestrian bridge will be open during cleaning and painting, although a worker may escort you through the work zone. There may be temporary bridge closures. In six to eight weeks, Vicki Scuri's art installation will be installed.

Inspired by the sunrise, this project adds color and pattern to an aging pedestrian bridge, transforming it into a community landmark gateway. Hundreds of translucent colorful fins transition through the hues of the sunrise across the span of the bridge. The four foot tall and six and half inch wide fins sit on the outside of and attach to the railings. The fins elevate the bridge into a unique art experience for both the cars traveling under and the pedestrians above. The colors on the translucent fins will shift and blend as the viewer moves through the site, creating a dynamic experience. The bridge's columns and stair hold colorful painted graphic, connecting the artwork directly to the site.

Aurora Bridge Art Installation

This project was funded by the Neighborhood Street Fund program to enhance safety and add visual identity for the Aurora-Licton Urban Village.

Visit the project's webpage at to learn more or sign up for the project's email list.


Looking for Volunteers for the Licton Springs Halloween Walk

Hi Neighbors!

A friend of the blog reached out to us to let us know that this year's Halloween Walk is looking for volunteers:

We are looking to recruit Friends of the Forest for this year's Licton Springs Halloween Walk - Do you or anyone you know like to dress up and give out treats? (The treats are provided.) Are your kids older and you miss seeing the young ones dressed up? Groups are welcome. You must be at least 12 years old to be a Friend or parents with children. Please contact Melanie at 206-227-9155 or email [email protected] if you can volunteer. The time commitment is from 4:15 to 6 pm. Hot cider provided.



Neighbors Work Together to Build Urban Forest

Yesterday morning several neighbors came together at 85th and Meridian to clear away invasive weeds (looking at you blackberries!) and make way for an urban forest.

The work party was the second such event at the site and made significant progress:

Progress Made 1 Progress Made 2 Progress Made 3

Planting trees in the area, which borders an I5 off-ramp, will have a large positive impact on the neighborhood as highways and their ramps are a major source of pollution and noise. Trees have been shown to reduce highway noise while cutting pollution by half. The trees will work in tandem with the noise wall put in place in 2009 along I5 itself, to make Licton Springs a quieter and healthier neighborhood for all of us.

Hope to see you at the next work party!


Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: October Community Events

Goblins, Witches, and Ghosts, OH MY! October is here! Check out some of the upcoming Licton Springs events this month.

Social & Networking Events:

Lantern Brewing

Learn about the brewing industry and meet other local businesses!

Asian Street Food

($7 for 1 ticket, $25 for 4 tickets, and $45 for 8 tickets).

20+ local Asian Vendors will be cooking and serving over 100 different types of Asian dishes and snacks, including Chinese Crepes, dumplings, bobas, skewers, fruit teas, dessert and so many more!!

Our vendors lineup include the popular Vong's Kitchen, Spicy City, Happy Lemon, Tokyo Trendy, Mee Sum, Peony, Yummy Duck, Kungfu Jianbing, Banana Kingdom, and more to be added! There will also live performances and fun games on site for your enjoyment!

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Choose Your Adventure series is designed to be extra fun, social, and friendly for beginners, yet interesting for seasoned veterans.

At Choose Your Adventure events, everyone gets the same map with 24 checkpoints marked all over it. Then, after a mass start, you can find as many checkpoints as you want, in whichever order you want! Just be sure to mind the time, since there’s also a time limit. Return to the finish on-time, or lose precious points for every minute you’re late.

North Seattle Tech Talks

Seattle technology enthusiasts, students, and professionals are invited to join us for North Seattle Tech Talks. We'll gather for informative, insightful, inspiring, and inclusive talks on topics in web development, mobile apps, cloud computing technologies, and professional development. Follow up each Meetup with a chance to ask questions, socialize, and meet folks interested in the Seattle tech scene.

Doom Zoom


It's time for our annual Halloween Party! Cheryl will be busting out her homemade chili and there will food and drink for man and beast! Contest and prizes for Best Costume, Best Team Costume and Best Trick! So start planning early! Boo Boo's Boosters will be sponsoring the trick contest and the winner goes home with a stash of Boosters!


The Wild Mushroom Show is one of the largest and most complete exhibits of mushrooms in the United States. Over 200 varieties of wild mushrooms will be displayed, identified, and classified as edible, poisonous, or valueless as food.

$10 Adults, $5 students, 12 & under are free.


Walk the park path and meet the Friends of the Forest while collecting treats and treasures. Hot cider and music at the playground!

Community Engagement Events:

All are welcome, including those not affiliated with the neighborhood. No RSVP required. If you have questions, contact Alison Steinbacher at [email protected]

The North Precinct Advisory Council is a community organization devoted to promoting partnership between residents, schools, businesses, and the Seattle Police Department to effectively address public safety issues.

Help neighbors clean up the gateway to the community! Volunteers will be removing the invasive weeds that threaten the area's beautiful trees. This is a great opportunity to make your mark on a landscape that needs some love while connecting with friends and neighbors.

Discuss Mineral Springs Park events, work parties, and community engagement.

ALUV stands for Aurora Licton Urban Village and seeks to build a pedestrian-safe, visually vibrant, economically sound, livable, and welcoming urban village using sustainable-growth principles.

Join FRIENDS OF LICTON SPRINGS for our monthly work parties

Join Licton Springs Community Council for our monthly meeting

To stay up to date on other activities coming up, check out LoveLicton's calendar. Hope to see you at an upcoming event! Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!


Feedback requested along Aurora

As we reported back in May, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) added Licton Springs along Aurora Ave. to its pilot list of twice-weekly cleanup locations. Now SPU is asking residents and businesses in the area for their thoughts on the effectiveness of the Litter Abatement Pilot Program and the additional 2x/week litter cleanup it has provided. The survey seeks community thoughts on how they feel about cleanliness in their neighborhoods to determine next steps on the Litter Pilot Program.

Take the survey here.

Additionally, if you live, work, or travel through Nesbit Ave. N. between N 88th to N 90th streets:

Nesbit Survey Area

then Seattle Neighborhood Group would like to know about any safety concerns you have, via this survey.