North Seattle Prepares for Light Rail

Earlier this month, residents of North Seattle gathered to share information, resources, and get connected at U District's Let's Go Transit Talk. The U District, Roosevelt, and Northgate Link light rail stations will arrive in 2021 which means these neighborhoods, as well as Licton Springs, will be better connected to each other and Downtown Seattle.


Panelists included:

Of particular interest to those in the Licton Springs area, we heard from Jeffrey Young about the upcoming pedestrian bridge connecting Licton Springs to Northgate's light rail station with plans to focus on preserving the wetlands while achieving safety in the design:

Additionally, Jeffrey mentioned upcoming plans (in the next two years) for additional student housing at North Seattle College including a 300-bed residence hall:

You can find the full recording of the session here:

As well as more information about U District, Let's Go Transit Talks here:

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