Pedestrian Bridge Updates

I was able to make it to yesterday's meeting at Neighborcare Health to discuss the development of the new pedestrian bridge and wanted to share my main takeaways:

  • The college has expressed approval with the new design alleviating concerns that disagreements would lead to no bridge.

  • The new design decreases costs and the maximum slope while improving visibility and addressing the concerns of North Seattle College.

  • The project has secured all necessary funding contingent on it being complete before the light rail opens.

  • It will take 10-15 minutes to walk from the base of the bridge to the entrance of the transit center.

  • The bridge will incorporate scenic overlooks and art installation(s).

  • There is no bike/pedestrian or direction lane separation planned for the bridge. Instead, users will be expected to utilize the generously wide (16ft) path to follow standard right of way rules. Additionally, visual and tactile cues will be added near mixing areas, transition zones, and overlooks providing helpful cues to bicyclists.

  • VIA Architecture expressed pride in their work to create an affordable design that will still be an enjoyable experience to walk over, highlight the beauty inherit on both sides of I5, and act as another North Seattle landmark.

  • Talking with Eric from VIA Architecture, I learned that they use VR to verify what a realistic experience of their designs will be once built.

I also learned about a ton of other exciting things planned for Licton Springs and the surrounding area that will be rolling out over the next few years. Expect a follow-up post with a full overview of all these changes and when we can expect them.

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